A Copper Penny Flowers Primer on Ordering Prom Flowers


Prom season is here!

Shortened from the French promenade, meaning leisurely walk, prom is defined as “a formal dance, especially held by a class in high school or college at the end of the year,” North American in origin. In fact, the pre-event primping, glamorous gowns and tuxes, and dancing and celebration we associate with proms may be traced back to the annual Ivy League tradition of “presentation week” which featured formal dress and dancing accompanied by a promenade concert.

While regional prom traditions may vary, one tradition is constant: prom flowers. But designs of corsage and boutonnières have definitely changed. No longer do prom goers have to struggle with pins and unwieldy creations that won’t stay put on tux lapel or dresses. Prom flowers have entered the twenty-first century, and become true wearable art.

How to select flowers for that very special night?

Let’s start with corsages. Every corsage we make at Copper Penny Flowers is a custom piece. We welcome input to create a corsage that compliments and enhances the gown. We want to know the color of the gown, and better yet, whether the young woman prefers silver or gold.

Then good riddance to those unattractive elastic wristlets that florists hid with unwieldy too-large flowers. We create corsages on keepsake wristlets available in numerous styles featuring rhinestone or pearl designs in different colors. Copper Penny Flowers offers a display of wristlets to choose from when you come in and order in the store, or select rhinestones set in silver—the most popular wristlet choice. The wristlets come in a standard size, but extra small can also be requested.

The flowers we prefer for corsages are spray roses and orchids because these hold up best amidst all the hugs and activity. And their size is in scale to wear on a young woman’s wrist, the most common place to wear a corsage. Accent flowers can be added in complimentary or contrasting colors. The next decision is ribbon color, and finally, the selection of bling, if desired. Choose little rhinestone or pearl pixie pins, rosettes, or tiny sprays to make the corsage sparkle. For a completely custom corsage, order in person in the shop to select from our wide variety of ribbons and accents.

Alternate selections for wearable flowers are flowers on a hair comb, flowers on a cuff to encircle the upper arm, delicate flowers on a floral ring to wear on the hand, or a nosegay to carry.

For boutonnières, Copper Penny Flowers favors roses, spray roses, orchids, calla lilies, or stephanotis. Boutonnières are also custom-made, and can be personalized with different colored accent flowers and colored wire. Every boutonnière is affixed to a premium floral magnet backing to create a tux accessory that affixes in seconds, and does NOT damage clothing. If you want the boutonniere and corsage to coordinate, order the two together and we create them side-by-side to match perfectly.

A big thank you this year to Concord Carlisle High School for not scheduling prom the same weekend as Mother’s Day! Do visit our Copper Penny Flowers Gallery to see a variety of samples and styles, including corsages and boutonnières modeled by our own local graduates.


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