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I would love pricing for my wedding flowers, can you give me an estimate on line?

Yes, and no.  Asking a florist to price out your flowers on line is like asking a chef to accurately quote you the cost to do the food for your wedding without ever discussing what they will actually serve you.  There is a wide variety of flowers, design styles and vase options that come in many different price points. You should meet or have a lengthy telephone consultation with a florist to discuss your vision, ideas and budget for your day.  Don’t be afraid to share your budget with your potential florist but also remember you need to be realistic and listen when they tell you what you can reasonably expect.

Today’s access to information on line is both a blessing and a curse.  Websites, bridal magazines and blogs rarely accurately include pricing for arrangements and bouquets featured in their stories.  Don’t expect that arrangements done in northern California are going to look or cost the same out of season in New England. Floral work is extremely labor intensive and florists work with a perishable product. You are paying not only for flowers, greens and hard goods but for your florist’s expert opinion, industry relationships, skills and time.  You should look for a florist who understands your vision and your budget and offers solutions on how to achieve the look you want while sticking to your budget.

I have never purchased flowers for an event, what should I realistically expect to spend on my wedding or event flowers?

Brides should expect to spend anywhere from 6-15% of their total wedding or event budget on florals. Brides should expect to spend similar amounts on their photographer and their florist. Some brides place a huge priority on flowers and will be at the higher end of that scale, while others know that they need flowers but they are not a top priority.

Weddings with large numbers of invited guests, large wedding parties or specific requests for florals should expect to pay more.  Arbors, chuppas, large specialty planters, flower walls and other specialty items are budget ‘busters’.  A simple arbor with florals will cost you $500 or more. Avoid trending wedding colors if possible!  The cost of ‘blush’ colored florals in pale pink and peach are currently all the rage with brides and demand has pushed the cost of flowers in these shades sky high.  Brides should also expect to pay a premium if their wedding falls on or around a major floral holiday or if they are getting married during the bridal ‘high season’.  These months include May- June and August- September.

What goes into determining the cost for wedding florals?

When pricing out wedding flowers florists are looking at cut flower prices, greens, hard good materials, transportation, consultation time and labor fees to arrange, set up and deliver your wedding or event.  Floral work is very labor intensive and flowers are a perishable item.

Because flowers are so perishable there is only so much work that can be done in advance with the bulk of the work needing to be done the final 2-3 days before an event.  Florists can only take on so many weddings in a weekend and you will pay a premium for Saturdays in peak wedding months of May, June, August and September.

Seasonality also impacts pricing; in New England peonies in May are at a much different price than peonies being shipped in December.  Additionally, even the style of a design can impact the price.  We see many natural looking, just cut from the garden arrangements that are anything but effortless to arrange.  These designs can take some hours to achieve making them more expensive to do than simple arrangements in standard vases.

Do you have a minimum package price?

Copper Penny Flowers is equipped to handle events of all sizes, from bouquets only to large and elaborate events in downtown Boston event spaces.  We do hold minimums for events more than 40 miles from Concord due to the time commitment from our staff.  For weddings, more than 40 miles from Concord the minimum for delivery and set up by CPF is $3,500.

For events within 40 miles of Concord we request a minimum of $1,500 unless the venue is within 10 miles of Concord, MA.

Please note that for wedding packages of $1000 or less in May, June, August and September we now offer in-studio pick up only on the morning of your wedding.

How should I prepare for the consultation?

We recommend that you bring any photographs, ideas, color swatches, invitations or inspiration to the consultation.  Any item that is going to help to convey what you’d like to achieve with florals at your wedding.  You are also more than welcome to bring trusted or artsy friends, fiancés and mothers.  We find most brides are often overwhelmed by too many opinions and bringing one extra person is typically best.

Can you do a sample of my centerpiece?

We reserve samples for event packages which include table centerpieces and total $1,500 or more.  Most samples are done 3-6 weeks prior to an event because of the seasonality of most flowers and it is our desire to assemble a piece as in-season and accurate as possible.  For brides who are planning their weddings at a distance, as much as possible we will work around travel schedules to the area to see samples.

Can I take the flowers and containers home at the end of the event or can I rent vases from Copper Penny Flowers?

Simple centerpiece containers (for example, clear glass cubes or cylinders) are typically included with arrangement costs and are welcome to be taken home by guests at the end of the event. What customers would save in costs by renting these items is minimal and would require that you not let any of your guests leave with a table centerpiece.  It would also require that you collect and return each item at the end of the evening or that you pay CPF to do it.

Typical rental items are more elaborate, higher end specialty glassware, more elaborate items such as lanterns, pedestals and oversized vases including any LED lights, votives, candle holders or table numbers need to be returned by the client after the event.  You can arrange to have Copper Penny Flowers pick these items up at the conclusion of the event, there is typically an additional charge for this service.  Many large downtown hotels require that all items be removed from the property within an hour of the events conclusion.

Can I provide Copper Penny Flowers with the vases for my event?

On occasion and outside of peak event season, we have allowed customers to provide their own vases.  A sample vase must be provided to CPF in advance to ensure that the quote to fill the container has been accurately assessed. Vases must be delivered to CPF 4 weeks in advance of the event and must be ‘design ready’ which means they must be washed, free from excessive packaging and free of stickers or retail tags.  Vases must be adequately packed for transport and we must be provided with at least two additional vases in case of breakage.

I saw a photo of something that I liked, can you do it?

Absolutely!  Floral designers are artists at heart, who love to get creative and think outside of the box.  We love a challenge and are happy to hear your ideas!

What additional services does Copper Penny Flowers provide?

CPF is a full service flower shop that is happy to provide advice and consultation on all decorative elements related to an event.  We own and rent arbors, chuppas, , table numbers, decorative and specialty glassware including pedestals, candles, votives and lanterns.  We are happy to offer design services for creating different table scapes or incorporating themes for an event and if you’re needs are greater than what we offer, we are happy to offer referrals to trusted party planners.

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