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Award-Winning Florist and Flower Delivery in Harvard, MA

They say that “a thing of beauty is a joy forever” (from the poem Endymion written in 1818). It is no surprise then that flowers have been an integral part of celebrations and special events throughout human history. A blooming flower embodies elegance, beauty and purity – everything that enhances the spirit of a gathering or celebration.

flowers for a harvard client

We have been involved in the floral arrangement industry for many years. We specialize in upscale flower arrangements that are both classy and sophisticated. Our professionally trained florists have an amazing taste for aesthetics and realiZe that the key to success lies in the attention to detail. Thus, we are able to work through a number of media, ranging from exotic orchids and regal roses to delicate lilies, vibrant dahlias and gerberas. We pride ourselves in our stunning creations that strike the utopian balance between subtlety and vibrance.

Needless to say, if you are looking for a boutique florist who will help you create a stunning ambiance for any occasion, you have found the right place. Whether it is for a solemn funeral, a formal gathering, an anniversary party or the joyous celebration of a beautiful wedding, you can rest assured that we will be providing you the best of our services.

We are here to answer all your flower arrangement needs, the one-stop-shop for everything floral. We deal with fresh supplies from reputed vendors, flowers with the freshest fragrance and our dedicated team makes sure that our flower power adds a little zing to your special occasion. Our aesthetic sensibilities coupled with professionalism, integrity and the motivation to delight our customers make sure that we bring to you the best of exclusive boutique floral designs.

Whatever the occasion may be, you cannot go wrong with a floral touch and a splash of color from Copper Penny Flowers.

Zip Codes Served: 01451

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