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Award-Winning Florist and Flower Delivery in West Acton, MA

You’ve purchased your bridal outfit; you’ve reserved your reception venue, what’s next? Decorating your reception venue is an important assignment that you can’t begin early enough.picture of floral arrangement for a West Acton customer

When our founder, Jennifer Eaton, first opened Copper Penny Flowers, her main focus was wedding floral design. We have grown significantly since those beginning days and now offer many other products and services. That founding passion for weddings, however, has lived on and our experienced team of florists still loves the chance to be involved in a couple’s special day.

Given our experience, we are thrilled to have many sample pictures of our work throughout our website. Please take some time to explore to get a sense of what you like. When you’re ready, please give us a call to schedule a consultation so we can learn more about your vision and we can help turn it into reality.

In addition to weddings, we can help transform the feel of your bridal shower, fiesta or a loved one’s funeral.

To us our job goes above and beyond making sure the right flowers are delivered and arranged on your wedding day. As boutique florists we see ourselves as advisors about the overall decor of your venue and artists who bring our creativity into help you express the perfect sentiment for the occasion.

We pour just as much energy into single bouquets whether for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or simple to tell someone you love them. And we’re excited to offer a seamless online shopping experience and a quality flower delivery service.

Enjoy browsing our website and please stop by the shop when you’re in the neighborhood!

Zip Codes Served: 01720

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Copper Penny Flowers delivers to the following zip codes: 01720, 01730, 01741, 01742, 01773, 01754, 02478, 01719, 01803, 01805, 01824, 01450, 01470, 01471, 01731, 01451, 02420, 02421, 01460, 02455, 01775, 01776, 02451, 02452, 02453, 02454, 01778, 01886, 02493