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Flower Delivery and Floral Design for Weston, MA Residents

If you have a ceremony or celebration coming up and you’re looking for an excellent boutique florist to help you plan your function, Copper Penny Flowers would love to help. We bring our years of experience and passion for floral design to every occasion we work on, and we’d love to do the same for you!garden jewels floral arrangement in Weston MA

Why choose us?

Specialized staff

Our knowledgeable team has years of experience helping clients create just the right look and feel for their gift or event. We invite you to drop by or to call in to schedule a private consultation with one of our expert florists. We love sharing our ideas and making suggestions but, at the end of the day, the final word always comes from the client. This is your time, your event, your loved one, and you know best what is going to express the perfect message.

Home Delivery

Sometimes it’s just not convenient to head out to the shops. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean you have to be without your favorite flowers in your home. We do flower delivery for people all around the world. Very often someone wants to send a gift to a local resident of our community. We love receiving orders, whether by phone or online, from friends and loved ones who want to send a simple and beautiful reminder of their bond through a bouquet of flowers.

Customer Service

Your experience working with a boutique florist can affect your entire event. While our main focus is, of course, on helping you create your floral masterpiece, if you’re not happy with the support you receive, we don’t feel like we’ve done our job. Our mission is to make working with us a joyful experience from beginning to end so that we are one of the positive memories of your celebration or special moment.

An Experienced Company

Our founder, Jennifer Eaton is a Master Gardener, landscape designer and professional florist. It comes as no surprise then that, compared to most local flower shops, the Copper Penny Flowers team holds an unusually high standard for the quality of their work. Browse our portfolio throughout our website or come on in and see some of our samples in person to see the artistry that goes into our floral design. We hope to hear from you soon!

Zip Codes Served: 02493

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Copper Penny Flowers delivers to the following zip codes: 01720, 01730, 01741, 01742, 01773, 01754, 02478, 01719, 01803, 01805, 01824, 01450, 01470, 01471, 01731, 01451, 02420, 02421, 01460, 02455, 01775, 01776, 02451, 02452, 02453, 02454, 01778, 01886, 02493