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Have Fun Choosing Flowers for Valentines!

Valentine’s Day is the biggest floral holiday, accounting for over one third of annual fresh flower purchases. Maybe that’s no surprise, but here’s some 2015 survey statistics that may surprise:

*18% of American women sent Valentine’s flowers to themselves;
*30% of American women sent Valentine’s flowers to their spouse.

Single or part of a couple, this is the holiday to indulge sending, receiving, and enjoying flowers!

one dozen roses arranged with premium greens in glass vaseRoses remain the most popular choice, but red is far from mandatory. In fact, a random survey of women generally uncovers all the other colors and choices women often prefer over a red rose bouquet. If you or your partner is a traditionalist, or red roses have a special meaning, by all means, send red roses! They will forever say “I love you.”

Peach Veranda Premium Flower Arrangement from Copper Penny Flowers features garden roses, spray roses, and green hydrangea

Dress Up flower arrangement featuring rouge amaryllis, orange tulips, and pink ranunculus

But if you want to branch out, consider giving light pink, hot pink, lavender, orange, yellow, or white roses. Copper Penny Flowers is stocking lots of our favorite rose varieties! Or consider designs that combine roses with other flowers, like beautiful Peach Veranda featuring garden roses, spray roses, and hydrangea; or striking Jump for Joy which mixes amaryllis with roses, tulips, and ranunculus.

Another happy favorite is the tulip, heralding both affection and spring. For Valentine’s Day, think Come Spring flower arrangement featuring stock, daffodils, and ranunuculus in pinks and yellows and purplesSweet Spring flower arrangement from Copper Penny Flowers features roses and tulips in pinks and whitestulips in red, pink, hot pink, orange, or white. Choose a soft pastel palette featuring tulips, like Charming Pink, or go with a full spring mix, like Come Spring featuring tulips mixed with daffodils, hyacinth, stock, and ranunculus. Love and spring; an unbeatable combo!

Sending to someone who has too many vases to count?  Send a stunning hand-held hand-held bouquet of purples, pinks, and whitesLove Blooms Bouquet is bright spring bouquet in reusable paper bagbouquet ready to drop in a vase. Choose Distinctive Charm Bouquet for a lover of pinks and purples, or a bright Love Blooms Bouquet in a keepsake Love container to send a love message the whole year through.

Valentine’s Day is on a Wednesday this year which means savvy partners can turn a day of love into a week of love by getting those office or home flowers sent out Monday or Tuesday. Order early. The florists have to. Flower orders for Valentine’s Day are placed weeks ahead of time. When all of a certain color rose available is accounted for with orders already placed, hopefuls placing late orders are out of luck. Copper Penny Flowers always has beautiful designer’s choice arrangements available, but when specific flowers, colors, or vases are important, the earlier you order, the better.

Whatever flowers you adore, for yourself or others, don’t get left out of the floral fun! Love Valentines? Love Flowers!

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