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Micro Weddings and Minimonies a la Copper Penny Flowers

There is no stopping love. A pandemic may change how or where you get married, but a virus doesn’t need to stop your wedding. This year our Copper Penny Flowers couples offer a master class in how to embrace a minimony that’s fun, creative, intimate, special, and may end up more memorable than the traditional event planned.

The family reaction may be, this is a small event so let’s keep the budget small. But answer some questions before you design your micro wedding.

Maybe you plan a reception in a year, but is this your major wedding ceremony? The one time you will carry your dream bouquet? Are you wearing your wedding gown? The first time you will kiss as married partners? Is this the day you create the photo memories to cherish all your happily ever after days?

Once you’ve answered these questions, create! Be as mini-traditional or maxi-outside the box as you want. Expectations removed!

Live for the beach? Happiest on the farm? With an audience of evergreens? Want stables and paddock as your backdrop? In the backyard of your family home? Next to a river? On a hillside overlooking the city? Go ultimate romantic and make the date just the two of you. Invite those closest to you or spread out more in a large open space. Cluster chairs or standing room only. Zoom your wedding.

Marry the one you love!

Pop the cork and eat some cake, or donuts. Offer drinks on ice in a canoe. Bring in the food truck or boxed lunches. Have a backyard cookout plus tent, just in case. Dance in the grass. Walk to the nearby ice cream stand where in a private line, your special guests order their favorite flavor. Take a drive to the ocean with your new spouse. Listen to the music of the waves while you open your wedding cards. Hold hands and walk to the end of your family home driveway for an auto receiving line as all your would-be guests drive by and offer you best wishes. Is this not the best day ever?

It’s your wedding day! Make it microtastic!


***Copper Penny Flowers offers arbors, lanterns, urns, pedastals, votives and scatter vases for rental. Call us today to talk about your ceremony !***

Thank you to Aleksandr Verbetsky Photography and Metzger Studios Photography

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