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Why Is Easter So Early In 2016?

1-forest-287999_640The Easter holiday comes early this year–Sunday, March 26!
Easter Sunday, on the Christian calendar a commemoration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, is a date based on moon cycles. When the sun crosses the celestial equator from south into north, in the northern hemisphere, this first full moon is called the Spring Equinox. Easter is the first Sunday after this full moon—so no wonder we traditionally link Easter with spring and flowers and greenery! This holiday is completely connected, literally within a few days, to the noticeable beginning of spring’s longer days, warmer sun, gentler breezes, when plants and flowers and trees reawaken into verdant life.

When scientists run the numbers, the earliest possible day for Easter is March 22, so we’re very close this year. The latest possible date is April 25, but that won’t happen again until 2038. Traditionally, Easter falls somewhere in the middle of April, as it will next year in 2017: April 16.

But what’s not to love about spring coming early?
Bring it on!

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