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Award-Winning Flower Shop And Delivery in Acton, MA

Floral arrangements improve the aesthetic beauty of an event. Weddings, funerals, and special events use flowers to send special messages. Roses used in weddings express love while floral arrangements in funerals express sorrow and pain of losing a loved one. Hiring an experienced boutique florist such as Copper Penny Flowers is the best way to ensure the floral arrangement in your event displays the message you want to express.

Mint Julep flower from Acton client

Our Past Works Speak for Themselves

When it comes to florists, convenience is not enough; you have to look at the professional’s previous works to determine if their work meets the standards you need. The best way to gauge the quality of work you can expect from a florist is to visit their shop as well as explore their portfolio. At Copper Penny Flowers we invite you to come on in, take in our many boutique styles and arrangements, and ask us questions. In addition, we have images of many of the events for which we have done floral design displayed throughout or website.

Local MA Floral Arrangements

Working with a florist located near you comes with many advantages such as the ability to quickly modify floral designs for your event, cost savings regarding transportation, and understanding local culture. Copper Penny is centrally located to a number of MA towns, making us the perfect fit for a quick delivery or in house pickup.

An Arrangement for Any Occasion

Many florists limit the range of the flowers they deal with according to the demands of their clients. Professionals with an extensive customer base will have a wider range of flower types. When hiring a professional, make sure he or she deals with all of the types of flowers you need for your event. Do not let florists convince you that they will make special flower orders for you; they may fail. Stick to working with one already dealing with all the florals you need.

Hiring a good boutique florist will significantly improve your event whether it is a funeral, wedding, special event, or you need a full-service delivery. Pay attention to a professional’s past works, location, and the range of flowers they have readily available. At Copper Penny we strive to make your special even nothing short of amazing.

Zip Codes Served: 01720

Copper Penny Flowers
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Acton MA 01720

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