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Award-Winning Florist Serving Maynard, MA

Think back to the last wedding or funeral you attended. Did you notice anything more than the swell of emotions, whether extreme happiness or sadness? Perhaps the music, singing, decor, ambiance, or even the flowers provided added an element of solace, joy, or celebration.

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The types of bouquets and floral arrangements that make a lasting impression are the only ones that will do for big once-in-a-lifetime occasions. It is one thing to go to the supermarket for a punch up in color or an uplifting scent for a little pick-me up.

Yet for a funeral, wedding, or other special occasion, the flowers become a part of the event, and make a statement about the people being celebrated.

This is where only boutique florists like Copper Penny Flowers will do. We are specially trained florists who know how to care for florals, and how to arrange both creatively and appropriately for different personalities, decor, events, tastes, and styles. We are a small team of passionate floral designers with years of experience and we’d love to help you create the perfect experience for your next occasion.

At Copper Penny Flowers you will receive superb service and fantastic floral arrangements. We may give you tips, advice, and input to help you create something beyond what you could have imagined for your event.

We are up before dawn each day, heading to the flower markets to make sure we get the best of what available so that we have a wide array of options to offer our clients.

If you want to get a sense of our work, please explore our website. We offer bouquet delivery and also have many samples from events we have designed as well as home flower boxes and landscaping we have done.

If you have a vision of what you want or even pictures of designs you love, bring them on it and we can work with those to perfect the look you’re going for.

If you’re interested in having us do floral design for your upcoming event, please be in touch right away to make sure we have availability. We look forward to hearing from you!

Zip Codes Served: 01754

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