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Local Florist Offers Flower Delivery in Hastings, Massachusetts

Just a simple flower can transform a person’s day or the atmosphere of a room.

But that joy can be short-lived when generously given flower or bouquet goes limp within days or even hours of sitting in its new home.

While we can’t control a home environment, we can control the quality of flowers we source and how we care for them while we have them.

At Copper Penny Flowers we pride ourselves on creating uniquely pleasing bouquets with the freshest flowers available.

In addition, we offer:

A Wide Range of Flowers

floral arrangements from hastings ma event

We’re a one stop shop for a wide variety of flowers that suit specific individual need including weddings, special events and funerals. This makes our customers happy as it allows them to express the perfect sentiment for the occasion and, when appropriate, to use their creativity.

Fair Price

We offer fair prices on all of the flowers we sell. This doesn’t automatically translate to our products being cheap given the quality we provide. Simply put, we offer value for money and we do everything in our power to make sure our customers are beyond satisfied!

Online Ordering

We have put a lot of work into creating a solid and reliable ecommerce platform to make buying flowers from us almost as much of a joy as walking through our shop. Whether you just don’t have time to visit us in person or you live far away and want to send something special to someone local to our community, we invite you to browse and enjoy our website.

Quick Delivery

Regardless of where you are, rest assured that your order will get to its recipient safe and sound and in an efficient manner. We value our customers and do everything in our power to get to you on time.

What You Order is What You Get

Be assured you will get precisely what you ordered. On very rare occasion, due to the perishable and seasonal nature of flowers, we will substitute flowers of an equal or greater value for a similar look. We put extreme care into the quality and design of every one of our floral arrangements.

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