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Award-Winning Florist & Flower Delivery in North Waltham , MA

Copper Penny provides flowers for weddings, funerals and other important occasions. We are proud to offer the convenience of buying a large variety of beautiful bouquets online, as well as providing a a personalized service that you cannot get from the national chains.picture of wedding boquet from North Waltham MA

Weddings and funerals are among the most significant occasions where flowers can have a huge impact on the overall experience. You can’t trust just anyone to create the best floral arrangement for these events. You need to work with someone who treats floral design as an artist. Someone who can take your ideas and turn them into pieces that will express joy, sympathy, and love like nothing else can.

No matter what type of event you need flowers for, visit us in person for a consultation. Our experienced florists will listen to you and create a flower arrangement using the colors and styles that you connect with create a bouquet that makes the impact you desire. Your finished bouquets will be delivered in a timely manner and in excellent condition with our full delivery service.

No matter what type of occasion you have coming up, we’d love the chance to talk with you and learn how we can help. Use our online shop to come up with ideas for parties, weddings, and anniversaries. You can shop by arrangement type, popularity and price. And, we have many images from our portfolio of events as well as window boxes and planters.

You want to say something important with flowers. Trust Copper Penny Flowers to deliver that message with respect, beauty and uniqueness. You cannot get this type of quality and service from any other local flower shop. Visit your local florist online or in person now to get started!

Zip Codes Served: 02455

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