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Award-Winning Florist and Flower Delivery in Silver Hill, MA

Do you want to know why hiring a boutique florist is a good idea? We’re going to cover the types of services that we offer so you can see what we can do for you. That way you can make us a part of your next event!wedding boquet from a Silver Hill MA event


One thing that we can help with is making your special day feel just perfect. We know that the excitement of a wedding can also lead to a lot of stress; we work to make sure that the process of getting your floral design right for you is a joyful and seamless experience.


We only employ professionals in the floral industry who are able to take what you want and make it a reality. That way, no matter what you’re celebrating, your event is memorable for all the right reasons!


We also have years of experience decorating funerals. We know that this time in your life is hard enough to deal with as it is. Working with a difficult florist is not what you need. We will work with you to express the perfect feeling to honor your loved one, and our team will be patient and respectful throughout the process.


Copper Penny Flowers offers delivery to your home of event location. We do everything in our power to get your arrangements to you on time and in wonderful condition.

Online Shop

We have worked hard to be able to offer an extensive range of bouquet options for those who prefer to shop online. Whether you’re sending flowers to surprise your lover or you are far away and are sending the perfect bouquet to someone you miss, please take some time to explore our options. We think you’ll love what you find!

Zip Codes Served: 02493

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